Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wearable Coral Lip Stick: Revlon Matte in Smoked Peach

Want to jump in the coral trend this spring, but not look insane? Smoked Peach is nice, wearable and won't make you feel like you've been chewing on an orange crayon. Now, granted the color is beautiful, keep in mind that it is the "matte" formula. 
My experience with Revlon Mattes: Well I am the lip balm queen, put it on before makeup, during sometimes and after, and even when I do that I tend to still look whack in these matte formula lip stick. By "whack" I mean, crusty lips, sinking into lines etc. So this is what I do, I put this puppy on my lips and then put a glossy lip balm on top, such as Nivea Kiss Of Shine Natural Glossy Lip Care. Yes I suppose it takes away from the Matte experience but meh, ill get over it. If your lips can handle it, rock on!

Take Care hot stuff

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