Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer Beauty Face Favorites - 2016

Summer is here and there are at least a million products that have launched including the million Vice Lipsticks from Urban Decay, which sadly I have not tried yet. But, here I will share my favorite summer products so far, some are new, most are classics that just don't go out of style. Check it out and share yours too. :)

Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation 1.7 fl oz.

This foundation is perfect for summer...if you want medium to build-able full coverage. I much admit that I can be quite the oily monster in my T-Zone area especially during the hot, humid weather. It's been a struggle to find something that actually has good coverage (which can be sheered out with a Beauty Blender) and also has oil control. I have finally met my match. This foundation is infused with this magical amazonian clay that helps keep my oils at bay. Also it blends so nicely into the skin when buffed in with my Morphe Foundation Brush.

For those light days, I go to this. I thought this would not help my oily problem but it didn't make me oilier than usual. I am not sure if its because I used it with some Laura Mercier - Loose Translucent Powder or if the Urban Decay De-slick Setting Spray. Either way the coverage is light but also buildable and it helps me look presentable.

It took me a while to try this out this concealer. But like the weakling that I am, I caved and paid the hefty price to see if it was worth the hype. I must say that I was very much impressed on how well this works for all kinds of concealing. It covers my dark under eye circles quite well, without caking up or settling in my fine lines. "Baking" works well with this concealer if you're into that.

I love this bronzer for warming up my very pale complexion. It's subtle and looks very natural and not too orange, thank god. I find most bronzers too orange for my skin tone (cool). I generally use this all over the parameter of my face and blend it down my neck with my Sigma F20

This is my summer savior to keep me from looking like a greaseball and melting under the summer rays. It holds up well for like 6 plus hours even in humid climate for me so I recommend this for for my fellow oily pals.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Review: Origins Checks and Balances

Origins Checks and Balances
If you like a face wash that gives you that cooling sensation and gets nice and frothy. Meet Origins Checks and Balances! The way I can describe how it feels is, toothpaste for your face. I know that sounds a bit weird but its so refreshing. It cleanses gently and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight afterwards. I love the fresh scent as well, its very pleasant. A little of this goes a long way with this so even though its a little more expensive, I believe its worth it.

Favorite Summer Blushes - 2016

Man o man do I love blush. Its ridiculous really, how excited I get when I find yet another blush that I can't not take home with me. So here I share my favorite blushes for summer 2016 :) Please share yours! Enable my unhealthy obsession :). So here they are, in no particular order. Enjoy.

This affordable blush has been my go to for multiple summers now. Nothing beats a nice peachy pink to bring color to the face and the nice sheen it has makes it even more beautiful. If you want an affordable dupe for Nars Orgasm then this is a good choice. I actually own both but find myself reaching for Milani more often.

theBalm - Frat Boy

Another peachy-pink but this one is more on the darker side and matte for those days where you want to go HAM with your favorite highlight. Cool thing about this blush is that despite it being matte, its not patchy. It lasts all day and goes with so many different looks. Definitely a must have.

This beautiful bronzy blush is so underrated! It doesn't look like much in the pan, It actually comes across as a dusty apricot/peach color. But the sheen it has is subtle but just looks so smooth especially on tan skin. Definitely a favorite.

 This blush has been in my collection for years, I always end up going back to it. Don't be mistaken by the name "Peach" its really a baby pink. NYX is sometimes weird about their naming of products. There really is no orange in this blush at all. *shrugs* Still a very affordable and pretty blush for spring and summer.


This blush is a MAC classic. If I had to describe it, its a bronzey/golden with a  pinch of peach. Also since its mineralized it has that nice sheen, so I don't ever use a highlight with this product. It looks amazing when you have a bit of a tan going. Unfortunately the lasting power isn't that great to be honest.

I know a lot of these, if not all, are older/classic blushes. But regardless of my collection, I always end up reaching back for one of these every summer. Hope everyone is having a great summer :)