Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Favorite: Youtuber gossmakeupartist

gossmakeupartist aka Wayne the winker is pretty awesome. He is truly an amazing makeup artist and gives techniques that are 'outside the box' . There are so many youtube beauty gurus or MU artists who spew the same information over and over, not my buddy Wayne, he comes up with things that are like.. WHAT?? WHY didn't I come up with that idea? Pretty Cool.

Now for the not so important facts, ahh he is easy on the eyes girls/boys. He is entertaining and sometimes hilarious, and best of all he winks at you at the end of every video. It's all about the little things. Check this dude out, guarantee that he will teach you something new or at least develop a crush :)

Garnier BB Cream Review

Garnier BB Cream readily available at your local drugstore for an okay price! Exciting eh? Well here's a little background on my skin:

NW 15-20/light complected with pink undertones
Combination Skin/Oily T-zone

Okay you get the idea...

Packaging is whatever, just squeezy tube, does the job.. its fine.

When I first started to apply, you get a huge wiff of the lovely Garnier scent. Now most of you that have used Garnier products know what I mean, and maybe some of you don't like the fragrance at all, to each their own.

It was nice a creamy, blended okay with fingers but I found that I had a better application with the Sigma F80 brush. It helps it blend nicely into the skin and what not. Coverage is nice, light.. but with more of an orangey tone.. the Light/Medium was not light enough for my skin at least not yet. In the summer it will be cool beans though.

Wear: I set it with a translucent powder because of my oily paranoia and it lasted fine throughout the day.. I did become a little oily of course in the middle of the day but thats normal for me. It wasn't enough for me to have to blot. It did NOT transfer, which is something I have had an issue with BB creams in the past. So all in all I do recommend you give it a whirl if you are looking for something new or a hardcore asian BB cream lover and feel like bashing the US versions! :D haha. They don't compare thus far in my opinion :)

Try it guys! If you hate it, return it and call it a day :) Let me know what you guys think.

Selena Gomez shares makeup must haves!

If you don't know who Selena Gomez is you've been living under a rock! This month in an interview with Teen Vogue she shares some of her favorite beauty items.
“I travel so much and it makes my skin dry. I have two bottles [of lotion] always,” “I have a lot of chapstick. I do Burt’s Bees or Rose Bud. And I have hair ties because I’m always putting my hair up.” she says to Teen Vogue.

Woot for Selena knowing that Burts Bees is up there with the top chapstick contenders. BB Pink Grapefruit seems to be her favorite 

Also she carries Rosebud Salve around, which makes sense seeing as it basically hydrates everything it comes in contact with! Give it a whirl guys, its worth the $6.