Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Bought Today: LA Colors At Dollar Tree

So the other day I was on YouTube as always and a girl I watch named xoxoamandakisses and she is a frequent Dollar Tree shopper, which is awesome because its a REAL dollar store, where everything is really just a buck. (Yes there are fake dollar stores hah)

Well she mentioned LA Colors coming out with these new trios with pretty vibrant springy like colors. Here is the video where she mentions them maybe half way into the video.

I picked up "Shooting Star" which consisted of a trio of a vibrant purple, teal and pink. I of course can't find a picture but as soon as I do I will post it below.

Mini Review: Now for a buck I was excited to try this trio out, so today I put the teal on my lid and worked the purple lightly in my crease with a fluffy Mac 217. I put it over the NYX eyeshadow base in "ESB03" which is a skin tone color. After about hmm, an hour and a half that once vibrant teal is now fading. Not super upset about it but it does kinda suck, but for a buck I cannot complain too much. Have you tried this? If so what do you think?

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