Friday, June 17, 2011

Mac Prolong Wear Concealer

I originally went in to get the infamous Studio Fix Concealer but they recommended this one simply because my “problem areas” were dry and if I went with the pot concealer it would end up looking cakey. So when I brought it home, I was like ehhh I don’t know, I hadn’t seen any reviews on this at the time, so I figured it would just be okay. Well boy was I wrong, I love this! It is a thinner consistency but covers like a cream only without caking up. It is pretty amazing, I use it for under eyes, blemishes, some discoloration spots, it can be used to conceal anything really. It is long wearing and feels light on the skin. Now the only draw back is the dang little pump, it tends to, no matter how much little pressure u apply, squirt out too much product and it gets a little messy. Other than that, woot to Mac :)

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